Worms and Words

The worm jar was another inspiration from Nature’s Nest blog.  With the rain and garden of dirt and worms, I couldn’t resist.   We put marbles in the bottom, then sand, then dirt and worms.

The earthquake followed by tsunami which hit Hawaii had the coastal areas anticipating a huge wave surges.  It became a good science lesson in how movement from the earth can affect oceans all around the world.

It was crazy to watch the water come in and go out at such a rapid pace.

So many of the projects here are never preconceived;  they mostly just happen.  Clearing the growth off the old wagon was one of those times.  There were lots of blackberries strangling a fig tree.  We got the kids to help out on the overdue pruning.

A bit later, things looked a lot better.  I don’t know about the cones, though.  The kids are obsessed with them.

Each morning, we light a candle to signify the start to our homeschool day.   This particular week we heard some stories about gnomes who found crystals so the boys got out some crystals to set out on the table.  I love their enthusiasm for such seemingly simple things …

Karl suggested a scavenger hunt to get Jack motivated about reading.   The rain added to the fun when he read a clue that lead him to my old Ford pickup for the next clue.  Chocolate flying saucers from Trader Joe’s were the reward at the end.  It seemed to work really well.

Ever notice the correlation between sweets and tears?  For us, it usually takes about 1 hour or less before it all kicks in.  Each time, I threaten no more if they are going to cry.  Will I ever learn???

Anytime my kids bring me flowers, my heart just melts.  Landen especially likes to cut flowers for me, sweet thing.

The boys got to perform the play, “Noah’s Ark” with our Friday Friends group.  They were villagers and birds and really enjoyed memorizing their (short) lines and the songs.

Immediately following the play, we hit the road for LA and Disneyland.  The next day was jam packed with rides and we managed to avoid the long lines thanks to some creative planning ahead!

I was excited to show the boys the side of LA I remember from when I was growing up there.  I had so loved the big rings and hoped they’d still be there in Venice Beach.  Apparently, lots of folks liked them too, as they had taken out the Muscle Beach barbells I remembered and added more RINGS.   We rode bikes from Santa Monica to there and back.

A stop at Gaviota was mandatory for Papa and the boys.  It was nice to have absolutely nothing to do but just play on the beach for the day…

My little (and big) bridge builders …


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