New Chapter – New Players


Once again, it’s been ages since my last post.  A lot has happened.  We said farewell to our shepherd, Buck, our catahoula, Bourre, and our black cat Phreddie.  Two years went by, just like that.  Our sweet boys continued on their journey into becoming young men.  They are now 13 and 10 (as of two days ago!).  The above puppy, Rio, was a present for Landen, after his begging for a dog for over a year.   He found him online – a rescue litter of two males and a female, 2 months old.  They were Halloween puppies – this one was called Cider.  We adopted our bundle of energy the same week I moved my mom down from Spokane and celebrated her 80th.

The following week Landen turned 10.  He chose to have a family birthday this year, going out for sushi dinner with Oma and Nana.  He asked for pumpkin pie, so I baked a couple from 2 different pumpkins from the garden.  Farmer Karl has given us a plethora of pumpkins and squash this year.  We have so many they cover our front porch!

We have a small cottage we were renting out, near the barn.   We had to give our tenants 60 days notice to vacate.  I kept expecting mom to change her mind;  she has so many times before.  Why am I so far away from family?  Why in the world would I return to California!  Back and forth.  But this time she didn’t change her mind – from listing her house for sale, to selling her car and other things, to packing up the house and watching the contents drive away in an orange Allied truck.

We flew on the plane together, just like long ago.

Karl and the boys met us at the airport and the kids were especially excited Nana was moving to be near us.  They set up the cottage with temporary furniture until her things arrived.  The biggest inconvenience for her was not having her TV or a telephone.  10 days later her things arrived.  And the unpacking began.  What I had wrapped up, I unwrapped again.

It feels good to have my mother finally close to us.

















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