Shorter Days

Water color painting of the fourth day of creation, when there was the sun, moon and stars …


Picking some of the last of the tomato crop.


With too much squash, and wanting to include Papa in the pumpkin carving, the boys began to attack the excess squash:


Pomegranate harvesting and apple head doll carving.


After hearing the story of Adam and Eve, J made some clay figures, with some help.  The serpent was the favorite part of the day.


Cursive is the one thing that’s come easy around here.  The amount of words to write, though, is a completely other thing.  It’s a struggle to get a few sentences written, but we’re plowing along.


That *just-before-the-time-change* feeling was happening, and we went out for a romp in the field with eager dogs and down to the harbor after dinner.


While at the adjacent lagoon, we saw our neighborhood Blue Heron get fed up with our noise and fly off.  We found the tracks in the sand, which we could walk on ~ due to the low tide ~ which, we had learned earlier, is caused by the moon’s pull on the earth.



4 Responses to “Shorter Days”

  1. Kundalini Says:

    Wow Amy! What an amazing blog! This must have taken ages to put together. Great job!

  2. Caroline Says:

    Ahh Amy
    That is fantastic!!
    I have spent hours looking at it & enjoying everything.
    Loads of love to you all
    Take care

  3. Karsta Says:

    I’m impressed and wish I had more time tonight to relax and read every word of your blog. I’ts really amazing, wow!!!
    I’ve been wanting to do the same and now I feel a little intimidated…
    Love you and your beautiful family.
    Your life looks so awesome.

  4. rancheygal Says:

    thanks you gals. it’s been fun to look over at what we’ve done.
    karsta you should not feel at all intimidated! i hope you do a blog.
    i’m bummed this thing above here has “possible related posts” and links God – what the ….??? do you guys see it, too? not sure how to get it out of here!

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